We do our very best making light green

At some point, somewhere one has to start! At the PRACHT company headquarters in Buchenau lined up a climate-neutral position in cooperation with Plant-for-the-Planet. Additionally to planting trees, climate ambassadors are trained in assistance of the partnership. Furthermore, the luminaires are produced as resource-saving as possible.
Wherever the environmental idea can be taken into account, we consider the well-being of our planet. Not all processes can be climate-neutral. We do like to compensate for this – and even more!

We plant extra trees. Trees are effective CO2 absorbers. Therefore they are a real time joker fighting against the climate crisis.

Your two ways
to plant a tree

We want to see the forest for the trees

We act the way we work: Per sustainability. We don’t want to ignore the problems of our planet. To preserve the world for our children, we do everything possible to get on track.

Do good. Participate. Start now.

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